Innovair knows all about cool air solutions for homes in hot, wet, and often windy island environments. Whether you’re building a home or renovating one, if you’re installing air conditioning, this post is for you.

Today, we’re covering what you need to know about the Innovair Oasis. Come on in and discover an evolutionary air conditioning system great for homes, offices, and stores.

Introducing the Oasis

You noticed we used the word evolutionary, right? When you hear the word evolutionary, what comes to mind? In terms of AC systems, an evolutionary product is one that already exists, but the manufacturer makes it better.

Innovair does exactly that with the Oasis, their mini-split air conditioning system. If you’re not familiar with how mini-splits work, you’re in the right place. We’ll give you a quick tour before we share specifics about the Oasis.

The company that created the Oasis is a world leader in AC technology, always looking for innovative ways to cool homes and small business locations.

Now, on to our mini-course on ductless air conditioners, also called mini-splits.

Ductless AC 101

Everybody, except maybe those who live in the Yukon, knows how it feels to come inside on a hot day and feel the blast of cold air from an air conditioner. It’s lifesaving, especially in this climate.

Many people cool their homes with a central air system, which uses ductwork to move cool air and push it out into the home. Using central air means all rooms with air vents get the blast of cold air unless someone closes off a vent. Closing vents, by the way, isn’t a good practice.

Mini-split or ductless technology bypasses the need for ductwork. Ductless mini-split systems use an individual indoor unit for each room. They also use an outside unit, called a condensing/compression unit.

The inside unit, or air handler, takes air from the room, moves it through refrigerant lines (pipes) to the outside (condenser/compressor) unit.

On its way from the inside unit to the outdoor unit, air moves through coils that contain coolant. There, the coolant converts to gas then goes off to the compressor part of the outdoor unit where it’s recycled back into a liquid.

Now, you have freshly cooled air traveling back to your indoor unit and into your room.

Sounds like magic, right? In a way, it is but magic doesn’t work without a great system, and the Oasis is a fantastic piece of equipment.

Our Favorite Oasis Features

The Oasis comes with a battery-operated LCD remote control making the cool life so easy. These are top 3 buttons you’ll likely use:

Turn on the Turbo

On those sweltering hot days when all you want to do is feel like an ice cube, the Oasis gives you turbo cooling. Press the Turbo button on the remote, and the unit goes into ultra-high-speed cooling mode. Your room will cool down in less than 30 minutes using the turbo cooling mode.

Sleep Mode

Touch the sleep mode button on the remote control and the Oasis automatically creates the optimum sleeping environment by turning off the system, adjusting the fan speed on the indoor unit, and keeping the temperature comfortable so you sleep well.

Dry Mode

Let’s be frank, it’s humid here in The Bahamas. No one enjoys spending time in a musty, damp room. With the Oasis on drying mode, you don’t have to because it controls room humidity.

The remote comes with a manual that explains each button and gives detailed instructions on how to program each mode. The manual also provides a short description of each LCD indicator.

Want an Eco-Friendly Cooling Solution?

We’re doing what we can to ensure our product lines are eco-friendly and safe for the environment. One way we do that is by offering product lines manufactured by like-minded companies who also strive to protect the environment.

The Oasis uses R-410A refrigerant, which is chlorine-free and safe for our ozone. Older AC systems use R-22, also called Freon. Manufacturers no longer use R-22 refrigerants in air conditioners due to government regulations.

Another eco-friendly feature of the Oasis is its SEER 13 rating. Air conditioners rated SEER 13  don’t produce as much air pollution. They also work better at reducing fossil fuel consumption.

We’ll cover more about the Oasis SEER 13 rating in a minute, but the Oasis helps the environment in another way. If you’ve lived in this island paradise for a while, you know how the climate contributes to corrosion on indoor and outdoor appliances.

The Oasis features Gold-Fin condenser coils. These coils don’t rust or corrode—a huge plus in coastal areas. Gold fin coating reduces the effects of salt and water on the condenser coils, and its 100% environmentally friendly.

An Energy Efficient AC System

Who isn’t energy conscious these days? We like saving money too and sharing the best energy-efficient products with our customers. One way we can measure AC efficiency by looking at its seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER).

Mini-Split AC systems run more efficiently overall, in part, because they’re considered zone cooling systems. You control which rooms you cool, rather than using a whole-house approach like central AC. Also, with no ducts, you don’t experience the high level of energy loss that you do with a central air system.

Air conditioners today range from 13 to 25 SEER. The higher the number, the more efficient the air conditioner. With a SEER 13 rating, the Oasis should keep your energy bill low.

Installing Your Oasis

For our clients who choose the Innovair Oasis, we offer comprehensive sales and service for both end-users and building owners looking to install the Oasis in multiple units.

Our service team is here for you to answer questions, install, and provide repair service on your Oasis. We also carry a full selection of replacement parts for Innovair systems.

More Questions on Innovair Products?

We’ve shared some of the most popular features of the Oasis, but there’s so much more to talk about.

If you have questions, we’re the #1 Innovair distributors here in The Bahamas. You can ask us anything and we’ll do our best to answer. Ready to buy a mini-split unit? Contact us today for a free quote.

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