Is your room too hot during the day? Every time you turn on your air conditioning system, are you are overwhelmed by how clunky it is? Well, we have a solution for you!

Read on to discover a new trend within the AC market – mini-split system air conditioners offer all the comfort of the regular AC, but with better customization and increased efficiency.

We’ll take a look at three brands specializing in these units, and try to discover which of them might offer the best mini split air conditioner.

Why Invest in Mini-Split

Unlike the traditional ACs, split systems have two components to them. The condenser is placed outside of the house, while the evaporator does all the work inside! Simple and easy, and the unit is not as bulky as the traditional ones.

Certain perks come with split systems. Usually, these systems are easier to install than the alternatives since they don’t require additional duck work.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a costly endeavor; either way, you have to prepare for that.

You can also have interior flexibility. The condenser isn’t huge; you can place it somewhere on the wall – or, you get a suitable design, it can stay on the floor!

If you think they are less capable than their counterparts, you’re mistaken – these systems often save up more energy and are more efficient. Basically, they offer more for less.

Regular thermostats often have minimal customization and control. The mini-systems offer more modes, better connectivity, and because these ACs are smaller than usual, you’ll be able to install one in each room that needs conditioning.


You shouldn’t be surprised to see this brand in many of the top-listings. Several factors determine such faithful followers.

Innovair air conditioners are suitable for many spaces and can produce both cold or warm air, depending on your needs. Some die-hard fans consider it the best mini-split air conditioner on the market.

Of course, these claims have some merit. Innovair ACs have multi-layer filters, are affordable and well received by the community.

You can install the unit in spaces where you spend lots of time, like your living room or your office, or even a garage.

It’s equally efficient everywhere. It’s quiet, saves you some money in terms of utility bills, and basically serves as an improvement to your home without breaking a bank.

The brand also produces environmentally conscious units, so you might want to keep that in mind.


But we can’t talk about the best mini-split air conditioner and not mention Everwell. While not as widely popular as Innovair, it’s a bit more user-friendly.

Some Everwell units (like Everwell 600 SQF110V) are easily installed if you have experience in the field. This saves you some money because you’ll need minimal input from a professional.

Everwell strives to provide customers with competitive technology and efficiency.

Their units can cool the room, and some even refrain from contributing to ozone depletion. This makes the AC a good purchase for those who want to help the planet.

Everwell units often have a Full Inverter Technology – this allows their ACs to be more quiet, without sacrificing performance. They have low operating costs and are less likely to break down.

If you want absolute quality, Everwell units come with certifications that ensure you got exactly what you wanted.


Carrier is the last entry into our comparison. They offer flexibility to the user, meaning you will likely find what you need for the provided selection.

Maybe you want a high-performance unit that’ll serve for years? If so, Carrier has a product that can sufficiently regulate the temperature according to your needs, as well as work efficiently and silently.

If you see something more down to earth and affordable, you can aim for an all-in-one type of deal. It won’t have the excellent performance of pricier units, but it’s still reasonably efficient AC on a budget.

The brand offers many of the perks that you can find on the market nowadays. Their units have washable filters, which enable you to keep the AC top shape.

Since we search for the best mini-split air conditioner, it’s worth mentioning that Carrier has units that are relatively easy to install, benefits from wireless connection and has modes or models that’ll engage different users.

The Best Mini-Split Air Conditioner: The Final Comparison

When it comes to selecting the best mini-split air conditioner,  there are a variety of aspects to consider. Mostly it depends on personal preference. But there are some things to keep in mind.

If you are environmentally conscious, you should consider Innovair or Everwell brands. Innovair has units that were designed with ecology in mind when it comes to their functioning (such as energy-saving), while Everwell’s units aim not to contribute to ozone depletion.

If you’re looking for excellent performance, why not take a look at Carrier? These units come in a wide range of models, each with different specifications.

Their top-shelf units can be an excellent addition to your home, with the wireless connection, cleanable filters, and other perks.

Ready to Purchase a Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

No one knows your home better than you. Decide on what you need in your space, and work towards it. There’s no need to chance big names when there are perfectly suitable emerging brands that provide the same quality.

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